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Evil does not need your help, just your indifference.
- Hanns Loewenbach 1915-2012

The mission of the Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater is to foster an understanding of the uniqueness and magnitude of the Holocaust, while inspiring students, teachers, and our community to champion human dignity in our constantly changing world.

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Personal Stories of Survival During the Holocaust
For over thirty years, local survivors from the Holocaust Commission's Speakers' Bureau shared their stories with thousands of students throughout Tidewater. Read their biographies and the Personal Stories of other local survivors, liberators, and Righteous Gentiles.

What We Carry
What We Carry is a multimedia program that continues to share the messages of our last four Speakers’ Bureau survivors, as well as the stories of three other Virginians, a survivor, a liberator, and a rescuer. Using raw interview footage and archival footage, the Holocaust Commission initially created four short films in 2012, each one based on a Speakers’ Bureau survivor’s experiences and reflections. The new films came online in 2016, and the Commission now brings all seven of these powerful stories to schools, military commands and community groups as part of a docent-led presentation including a vintage suitcase full of replicas of the photos, artifacts, and memorabilia they all retained from their Holocaust experiences. 

Elie Wiesel Competitions
The Elie Wiesel Writing and Visual Arts competitions are open to middle and high school students annually, with cash prizes for winners and incentives for teachers.

White Rose and Red Rose


The White Rose Project and Red Rose Campaign honor martyred German teen activists Hans and Sophie Scholl, founders of The White Rose, the only group that publicly protested Nazi ideology and practices.

Your gift to the White Rose project purchases books and other educational materials for local schools to help educators teach students about the Holocaust.

Your gift to the Red Rose Campaign ($250 and above) helps fund larger projects, and provides vital funding for all of our educational programs. Thank you for considering a donation.

Educator Awards
Awards for excellence in Holocaust education are offered by the Holocaust Commission to honor teachers in the area's public and private schools who have demonstrated passion and dedication to the importance of Holocaust education in the classroom.  Learn More.

665 Yom Hashoah
For the commemoration of the Day of the Holocaust, the commission sponsors an annual Yom Hashoah program that celebrates the power of the human spirit and the enduring faith of those who witnessed and survived the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel Competition and Educator Awards Award winners are honored at this event.

Through the Eyes of a Friend
Through the Eyes of a Friend is a dramatic presentation that offers students in Tidewater public and private schools the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust through Anne Frank showing her world from a unique perspective.

Educators’ Conferences
Biennial educators’ conferences bring nationally recognized speakers, authors, and child advocates to the Tidewater area, to give teachers and school counselors continuing education for themselves, and practical tools to use in their schools.

Holocaust Resources on the Web
The Holocaust Commission has compiled a list of credible website links for students, teachers, and those seeking a greater understanding of the history and impact of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Commission of UJFT encourages teachers, students and the community at large to apply the lessons of history to the moral decisions they make each day.

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